Forward and inverse kinematics modeling of 3-DoF AX-12A robotic manipulator

Pemodelan kinematika maju dan terbalik dari manipulator robot 3-DoF AX-12A


  • Ayu Widyacandra Politeknik Negeri Bandung
  • Adnan Rafi Al Tahtawi Politeknik Negeri Bandung
  • Martin Martin Politeknik Negeri Bandung



robot arm, forward kinematic, inverse kinematic, MATLAB


The presence of robots that can assist humans with heavy or dangerous work makes the need for robots more pressing at the moment. One type of robot needed is a robot arm, which is widely used in the manufacturing industry, such as in the assembly process and pick and place. The types of robotic arms used vary both in terms of configuration and the number of degrees of freedom. However, with different types of robotic arms, different models of movement are used. Therefore, research related to the modeling of the robotic arm continues to be carried out to obtain the appropriate movement of the robotic arm. One of the methods used as a first step in designing a robotic arm movement model is kinematics analysis. Kinematics analysis aims to analyze the movement of the robot arm without knowing what force causes the movement. This paper aims to produce an ideal movement model for the AX-12A 3-DoF robotic arm using forward kinematic and inverse kinematic analysis using two methods, the Denavit-Haterberg method and the geometric approach method. The difference from other papers is that this paper makes the kinematics model using Robotic, Vision, and Control (RVC) tools based on the Peter I. Corke model on MATLAB software first before implementing it on hardware. The results show that the error percentage for the forward kinematic model is 1.04% and the inverse kinematic is 0.76%, which means the two models achieved the target that the model’s error maximum must be less than 2%.


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